2 - Motel Rooms & Cottages
General Information



Available rentals at Norrland

Four motel rooms are available to guests and cottages with one, two or three bedroom configurations can be rented by the week (Saturday, 3 p.m. to next Saturday 10 a.m.)   ALL  Norrland units have a non-smoking policy. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED. NO EXCEPTIONS. Permits for handicapped persons with certified dog are allowed with a government issued permit presented to the Manager.  2023 Reservation Dates:   May 27, 2023 to October 21, 2023. 

Norrland Motel has four units available for rental as of May 28.  See the owners descriptions of their accommodations at this page.   norrlandresort.org/tour-the-cottages-and-rooms-for-rent

Enjoy our Common

Norrland common grounds are spacious and provide great views of Green Bay. Large shade trees help keep the heat down on hot summer days.  An ample number of picnic tables are available throughout the grounds. Most cottages have a char broiler available for you to have a "cook-out picnic" when you don't want to be stuck in a summer kitchen. We have been a second home to many families and groups of fishing enthusiasts over the years and they keep coming back "home" each year.

Take a tour of the rental units 3 - Our Tour of Motel Rooms and Cottages

Distances to Norrland

From many cities we are a one day drive or less.  Come north of 45 degrees north for a cooler summer.

Green Bay:  80 miles, 1.5 hr.    Milwaukee:  191 miles, 3.1 hr.  Madison: 220 miles, 3.9 hr.   Chicago: 281 miles, 4.5 hr.   Minneapolis:  360 miles, 5.8 hr.   Cedar Rapids:  388 miles, 6.5 hr.   Des Moines:  516 miles, 8.3 hr.  St. Louis:  562 miles, 8.7 hr. 

Mileage is average, checked by AAA TripTik (C) and Google Maps (C) ABOVE. The map is active for you to check your mileage from your town to the Norrland on laptops , Ipads or mobile phones.  Mobile Phone users go to: https://maps.google.com/  to use map features for mileage estimates.

Coming by boat?  Call 920-883-9033 for permission to dock.  You must be a guest of the Norrland the entire time you are docked at our harbor.  This is an insurance requirement.  

Closest commercial airport is Green  Bay, WI, Austin Straubel  (GRB  KGRB)  Closest airport for private aircraft is Ephraim-Fish Creek  (3D2).