Awarded the Lodging Grant again for 2022 season.


Temperatures were above to near average across the Great Lakes basin at the end of last week and through the weekend. Beginning this week temperatures dipped to below average for most of the basin. Portions of the northern Great Lakes basin saw their first measurable snowfall this week, with some locations in northern MI picking up several inches of lake effect snow. Forecasted temperatures will warm to near to above average into the weekend and through the beginning of next week across the basin. Forecasts indicate the Great Lakes basin will remain dry into the weekend and beginning of next week except for southeastern Lake Superior basin which may receive precipitation over the weekend and at beginning of next week.

Forecasted November 5th levels are lower than a year ago on all lakes except Lakes Erie and Ontario, which are 1 and 9 inches above 2020 levels, respectively. Levels are also above long-term average November levels on all lakes, except for Lake Superior, which is 2 inches below its long-term November average level. Forecasted over the next month, all lakes will continue their seasonal declines and fall by 1 to 7 inches. See our Daily Levels web page for more water level information.

Great Lakes levels are posted every Friday by the Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit.


We closed for the season October 25. 2021. We will reopen in May 2022. The opening date depends on the weather, but usually, we open the week of Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for staying and playing with us in 2021. Picture above from April 2021

Ellison Bay


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Hedgehog Bay {Gills Rock}

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No pets are allowed with guests or visitors while on Norrland property. No exceptions. Service animals with proof of government certification are allowed. Call our Manager before making your reservations.

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