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The Norrland has been hosting summer guests for more than forty-six years. We have cottages, motel rooms and a lodge, suited for large groups.

The resort sits on five acres and has a large common area for guests to use, which includes picnic tables, fire pit and a waterfront area of grass and cement with chairs and chaise lounges which are also placed throughout the resort for guests, to relax and enjoy the boating activity on Green Bay or join old and new friends in conversation.

We have our own dock, where you can rent space to tie up a boat, jet ski, kayak or canoe during your stay. A fish cleaning station is located on the dock for the many fishing enthusiasts who come here to catch Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Lake Perch, Bass, Walleye and Whitefish.

One week to the high water prediction by the USCOE. Already lapping at the north dock and inner harbor.

Norrland in spring. We will be open May 24 2019 for guests. Call Laureen at 920 883-9033.

Our shuffleboard is extensively used by kids of all ages. Many guests bring their own lawn games and there is ample room on the common to set up your game.

We are open from May 24th this year to the 27th of October. Reservation requests can be made any time by calling our manager or sending your rental request by E-mail to norrlandresort.manager@gmail.com or regular mail to: Norrland Resort, Manager, PO Box 12, Ellison Bay, WI 54210. Phone: 920 883-9033. Google map of Ellison Bay area. 3 - Our Tour and Map of area

NOTICE TO BOATERS : We expected that the water would be higher this spring and summer. The snowfall during the winter and heavy "training" of weather systems from the west this spring are an indication of water rise.

The LATEST Corps of Engineers report says the Lake is seven inches higher than last year. That means it is inching toward the record high of 1986, just 10 more inches.

Photos below are of Record high water mark in 1986. Notice that the harbor water is over the south sea wall of the harbor. In October 1986 the lake was at 582.35 feet Normal elevation is 577 feet above sea level. That would mean that the current lake is around 581 feet, about ten inches from the record set in 1986. The picture on the right below shows the current water level on 05/19/2019. This will require some careful boating practices when close to the our harbor and within the harbor. All the harbors will be affected by this, not just Norrland.

High water conditions as of 5/19/19 at left. Repair of damage to the cement pads and finger piers now fixed. Rock sea wall that was damaged by fierce winds and brutal wave action this past winter are almost repaired. We are opening May 27th. (Photos by Norrland Manager, Laureen.)


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No pets are allowed with guests or visitors while on Norrland property. No exceptions.

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